Mercedes considering Smart for India!

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The smallest car to be sold in India with a three pointed star is the C Class sedan that is considered as a ‘badi gaadi’ by our market. Now, Indian car market is in for a shock as Mercedes has launch the ‘Smart’ compact car in India. And mind you, the car really is quite compact. The a feasibility study for making sure that the Indian car market is ready for this car is currently in process. The Smart car project might see Mercedes joining hands with global partners Renault-Nissan.

If Mercedes finds our market matured and smart enough to embrace the Smart, the car might come as soon as in 2014. The car will of course be positioned as a lifestyle product and will be pitted against the likes of the Fiat 500 and should retail for about 16 odd lakh rupees. 

As per a report in Economic Times, the popular German manufacturer plans to come up with as many as 10 new models in our market within next 5 years and our guess and info on this is that the Smart, A Class and B Class should make way to our shores. 

I so want to drive to the city centre in this car and in the process, look ‘Smart’ and attract the attention of the fairer sex!  



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