Mercedes Benz’s new dealerships in Chennai and Ludhiana

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Mercedes-Benz India consolidated it’s operations in South India and in Punjab to be precise with the inauguration of it’s first ever ‘state-of-the-art dealership’ in the Industrial city of Ludhiana. Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with Maruti Suzuki in past and is currently partnering with Honda and Tata motors in Punjab. This group now boasts a Mercedes Benz dealership in Ludhiana which was inaugurated by Mr. Peter Honegg, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India and Mr. Deepak Joshi, Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd.

The dealership is spread across cumulative area of 16,000 sq. ft with high class facilties, the showroom is equipped with the Mercedes-Benz Café, Customer Lounge and Driver Lounge and it all makes for an enhancing customer experience The service facility is is spawned over a 5,500 square feet area with a capacity for servicing 20 cars in a single shift of the day and in 16 different bays. The availability of trained technicians will ensure that the prized possessions of the customers get world class treatment.

At the inauguration, Mr. Peter Honegg, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented: “Mercedes-Benz has always been the pioneer of unparalleled customer experience. We truly abide by our brand philosophy, ‘the Best or Nothing’, ever since we invented the automobile 125 Years ago. Our consumers in Ludhiana and nearby towns today lead global lifestyles, and our partners at Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd recognize this fact. This is the third showroom of Mercedes-Benz in Punjab equipped with unrivalled features that are aimed to take care of all the automotive needs of our evolving customers that include new car sales, spare parts and  financing options, thus establishing a superlative car ownership experience.”

He further said: “Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd. has represented Mercedes-Benz India since 2009 and has grown with us. As partners we share the same passion and commitment towards our valued patrons. We are confident that our customers in Ludhiana will experience even further enriched ownership experience with the inauguration of this state of the art dealership.”

Mr. Deepak Joshi, Principal Owner of Joshi Autozone Pvt. Ltd. said, “Tier Two cities like Ludhiana have developed global aspirations in the recent past. We are certain that with the inauguration of this new showroom of Mercedes-Benz India in Ludhiana we will be able to satiate these aspirations. We are proud of our long term association with Mercedes-Benz and are happy to take it a step further today. We look forward to making this initiative a true success, not only through best in class products, but also the slew of value added service on offer.” Ludhiana, with its high population of well heeled citizens and a taste of luxury cars depicted by a large number of limousines, other German cars, etc. been spotted at the city should serve as a nice location for having dealership of the luxury car maker to bring the wide range of upmarket vehicles a step closer to potential buyers.

Mercedes Benz launches dealership in Ludhiana

Now ‘state of art’ !!


If a new dealership was not enough to satisfy MB’s thirst to expand, another such dealership was opened up in a geographically opposite corner of the country at Chennai. Mercedes-Benz India has set yet another benchmark in Luxury Automotive Industry and launched South India’s largest automotive Dealership in Chennai.

Mercedes-Benz India, the premium luxury car manufacturer,  inaugurated its largest state of the art car showroom in partnership with the group  Transcar India Pvt. Ltd.

The massive showroom is spread over an area of 29,900 sq. ft. and was inaugurated by Mr. Peter Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India and Mr. K. S. M. Musaddique, Managing Director, Transcar India Pvt. Ltd. The new addition has helped with reinforcing Mercedes-Benz India’s position as the luxury car manufacturer with the widest & largest network presence in the country.  The new dealership is located on GST Road.

The dealership flaunts an exciting display of 20 cars from the Mercedes-Benz’s stable in India.

Mr. Peter Honegg, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India stated: “Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of superlative customer experiences in line with our brand philosophy of ‘the Best or Nothing’, since our invention of the automobile 125 Years ago. Consumers in Chennai are exposed to global lifestyles and are looking for the best in luxury and technology; our partners at Transcar India Pvt. Ltd recognize this fact. The showroom is equipped with world class features that are aimed to take care of all automotive needs of our evolving customers, ranging from new car sales, spare parts to financing options, thus establishing a world class car ownership experience.  This multi-storeyed showroom has the capacity to display 20 cars and has been  designed in such a way that at every level there is a different experience  zone consisting of SUV, Sports and  Specialty cars , Premium products like S Class etc and an exclusive accessory section along with Mercedes Café.

Mr. K. S. M. Musaddique, Managing Director, Transcar India Pvt. Ltd. stated : “Chennai is a city full of discerning automobile aficianados that is constantly looking for the latest and best technology. This dealership will provide these customers a complete range of automobile services with proven standard of reliability and efficiency, nurturing and forging a lasting association with the brand. We have had a long standing relationship with Mercedes-Benz India, and through the inauguration of  this dealership,we further cement our commitment to the brand and our patrons.”

Keeping in mind the fact that high end luxury cars have made their way into many garages of the homes in city, there is no option but to agree with the above comment.

With setting up of the magnificent showrooms in Chennai and Ludhiana,  Mercedes-Benz now enjoys presence and network spread across 29 cities with over 61 touch-points and retains with it the distinction of being the leading luxury car maker of the country with the widest and most intensive network of sales and after-sales services in India. The setting up of these state of the art dealerships has not just consolidated its widespread network even further but very well portrays how serious the German manufacturer is about its Indian operations.


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    No hands up and no confidence in Yamaha since they play the game of overpricing their premium bikes!

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  • arnob says:

    Their bikes are great, their strategic thinking and marketing is at the opposite end.

    Once the market has a glut of 250s, they think they will get another in to turn the tide in their favour. By which time, of course the market will have moved on. Much further on.

    I think they will stay in their "very severe condition" for some more time. This (still hypothetical) bike should have come in 2 years back.