Mercedes-Benz will launch SLS AMG Roadster at the Expo !!

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Okay, we will be honest, we have lost count of car launches to happen at the upcoming 2012 Delhi Auto Expo but this news has got us excited like a school teen exploring a treasure of Porn on web! Recently, premium luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz said that it will launch the almighty SLS AMG Roadster during the Delhi Auto Expo in January.
Our showcase at the Auto-Expo this year will be impressive both in terms of presentation and display vehicles. There will be several show-stoppers including the launch of the stunning SLS AMG Roadster, There will be a lounge area to offer an exclusive experience, special accessory outlets besides opportunities to offer networking possibilities for patrons and representatives.” Mercedes-Benz India Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Peter Honegg said in a statement issued here.
The company will also display a concept of its popular hatchback, the A-Class. It may be noted that this A-Class concept is acclaimed world wide for its expressive design and technology. MB’s stall at the Expo will showcase more than 10 cars including the SLS GT3 and the DTM competition car. Earlier, we talked about Mercedes-Benz working on launching its driving academy (in association with Jaypee Sports International) by April and the manufacturer will allow the participants enrol in the academy at the Expo.



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