Mercedes Benz A Class Caught Testing in India!?

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We have been saying that Mercedes Benz is close to bringing in the new A-Class Indian market. The upcoming car would be the cheapest way to enter the ‘three pointed star’ league and the new vehicle should help Mercedes India regain its position of being the largest selling luxury car maker in Indian market. Now, we have a pic of what might be the first Mercedes Benz A Class test mule in India. While we do hope that MB is testing the A Class for Indian market, the Delhi registration plates threaten to put all our hopes to rest. Also, the car seen here is the previous generation of the popular hatchback and it is unlikely that the manufacturer will bring the old car to India. Unless, of course, Mercedes Benz India plans to sell the old car at rock bottom prices to penetrate into lower segments of Indian car market. 

Doubts and speculations apart, what we do know is that our car market is sure to get the A Class hatchback and a mini SUV based on the A Class. The A Class will make it to our shores soon after the B Class Sports Tourer is launched in Indian market. The smallest Mercedes Benz to come to us should be priced in INR 15-20 lakhs territory. M-B India plans to assemble the cars locally to keep the costs low and volumes high. “We will bring in A and B Class cars into India in the next 3-4 years” said Peter Honegg – Mercedes India MD and CEO.

Click here for our first impression of the B Class on Indian Formula 1 Circuit


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