Meet the Brutus- an SUV on two wheels

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One of the oddballs at the EICMA 2012, the Brutus adorned the stands of Pelpi International, Italy. Powered by a water cooled EFi 750cc single cylinder engine pumping out an estimated 50 bhp mated to a 2 speed CVT (automatic transmission) and shod with wide high profile Maxxis tyres, the Brutus is claimed as being an “SUV” on two wheels. Built to tackle any kind of terrain- from tarmac to snowriding- it comes with an accessory kit that includes a sidecar, tow bar, a winch and ahem…..a lot more.

We’re not certain who’d be doing rounds up on the highway on this odd and burly looking motorcycle, but once you hit slush or snow- it suddenly starts making sense. Slated for release in the second quarter of 2013, the Brutus looks more of a two-wheeled monster truck than an SUV.

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