Meet Shannon, the girl who used to drink Petrol everyday!

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Going by my affinity for cars and internal combustion engines, some of my pals often joke that my daily diet consists of a couple of gallons of gasoline. Now, don’t matter how inexpensive petrol becomes, it is sadly true that I won’t be trying to consume petrol anytime during my lifetime. However, Shannon, a pretty girl from U.S. used to keep a jug of gasoline always stored in her kitchen and she used to drink about 12 teaspoons of the fuel everyday!

“It tastes like sweet and sour, like a tangy sauce. It tingles first, and then it burns the back of my throat. Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good,” Shannon says.

Shannon also says that last year she consumed as much as five gallons of petrol. Coming to think of it, my Suzuki Baleno can give me about an hour of drive from this much quantity of gas. Drinking gasoline can cause burns, diarrhea, vomiting, and in larger amounts, drowsiness or death and Shannon knew of the danger but she continued with her habit of consuming this stuff for long. And I left having Pepsi only because my doc told me that soft drinks are not good for health. Funny.

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