Mean but Green: Ferrari FF with ethanol kit generates 875 bhp

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Norwegian company Customized recently came up with a ‘green but mean’ version of the popular Ferrari FF. The new bio-ethanol (petrol 15% and ethanol 85%) kit not just makes Ferrari FF quite a green car but also makes many other supercar owners go green with envy. This kit bumps up the power from 660 hp to 875 hp. The modified car does a ton from o kmph in about 3 seconds! The top whack of this car has not been disclosed. The road safety regulations may be blamed here.

Bioethanol has got an octane rating of 105, which is much more than that of gasoline (‘premium’ petrol in India generally has an octane rating of 91′). More importantly, Bioethanol kit reduces the emissions by 80%.A stock Ferrari FF emits 376 gms of CO2/kilometer but this ethanol kit from Customized lowers these emissions to merely 100 gms/kilometer. This simply means that the Ferrari FF GT from Customized and the Peugeot  106 small car have similar engine emissions.

Customized offers you the bi0-ethanol kit for just $2,000!


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