McLaren gets a taste of India ??

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Anyone with little knowledge of the Formula 1 will also have knowledge that today, McLaren is one of the most organized and prepared teams of this motorsport. The team is quite well known for its clinical precision in operations and cleanliness in the pit stop area. The team can be aptly described as one that runs like clockwork.However, a new thing that became evident is that the McLaren plans for every and any kind of hurdle that it may have to face.  This was made clear when in this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix, as many as four of the team’s strong crew had to bow down to Traveler’s diarrhea. Backing down by such a large part of crew was not to be taken lightly and this is where it emerged how well McLaren has come prepared. “We had two subs packed and ready to leave, just in case we needed their services in a hurry”, said Martin Whitmarsh, team principal for McLaren.

The substitute crew members from the UK boarded the next flight to India as soon as they got to know of the trouble. Whitmarsh also told that the they were toying with the idea of having more than one set of pit crew so that they could be rotated in the future. This is becoming necessary as the number of races is getting close to 20 per year. This is a tried and tested practice followed by a lot of NASCAR teams where there is a race almost every weekend.

We found the modus operandi shown by the team to be impressive. Keep it up McLaren.

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