Mclaren Chairman addresses MP4-12C quality issues

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Remember Lambos of the past? Before Audi  took over the sports car brand? They were fast, fun and good looking enough to give you goosebumps. The thing that bugged most of the owners was pathetic build quality. No Mclaren’s MP412-C has also been reported to have some bugs related to its electronics. Now, this is not expected  expected from a seriously focused sports car maker. The good thing is that the firm has accepted the fault and openly so. Read on.

In a letter sent to all MP4-12C owners, McLaren Chairman Ron Dennis addressed the common issues that their latest sports car owners are dealing with. Speaking about the issues with car’s infotainment system and tell tale lights, Ron Dennis labelled the issues as “early software bugs”  and also added that these can be easily dealt with at the dealerships. He also went on to say that the company intends to provide a class-leading ownership experience.

We do hope that Mclaren succeeds in delivering such an ownership experience and we feel even more highly of the manufacturer because it went ahead and accepted the fault. Way to go Mclaren.

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