Mc-Laren Reveals the all new MP4-12C Spider

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Mc-Laren recently unveiled the all new MP4-12C Spider. The car gets the same 3.8 Liter V8 motor that powers the fixed hard top variant. The 616 bhp car features a two-piece retractable hard-top that can be stowed behind the seats when you wish to go topless. The retractable top has been designed in such a way that the car retains its glass engine cover. The roof can go up or down in a very quick 17 seconds when car is below 19 mph. The Spider takes just 0.2sec more than the coupe to reach 124mph from zero and has a top whack of 196mph, which increases to 204 mph when the roof goes up. Another highlight of the new car is that it shares the carbonfibre Monocell chassis with the coupé and it has saved Mc-Laren from the trouble of providing extra strengthening to compensate the lack of a fixed roof.

The MP4-12C Spider is available on order and comes with a price tag of £195,500 (£19,500 more than coupe).

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