Mazda Rotary might be back. Soon!

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Rotary or Wenkel engine has been in news ever since it was designed. A few months back, Jap car maker Mazda axed the production of the RX8 and now, it has stopped producing Rotary motors. The recent update is that the good folks at Mazda have come up with a new tech to develop the next generation of rotary engines.It is very logical that the next gen rotary motors will meet the stricter emission norms and will be more reliable than current crop of Wenkels. The new engines should come with a new ignition system and a new sealing system that sees a change in shape of the trochoid housing so that it remains true with the seals. This simply means that the new motors will be more reliable owing to lesser chances of leakage of combustion gases. I have always been a fan of Wenkel engines and this news comes up as a pleasant surprise. 

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    Any idea on why the pricing is all in $ ? Is this any different from ordering from ebay? I'm wondering if we'll still be charged custom duties and shipping from whatever country..