Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo going out of production?

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maruti suzuki zen estilo

Rumors have cropped up that Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the king of small cars in India, is contemplating putting an end to the production of its ‘not so popular’ Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo.

It is being said that the Zen Estilo is eating into the sales of its own cousin, the WagonR, and hence, it makes little sense for the Indian car maker giant to continue selling the Estilo.

It may be noted that the Maruti Estilo got a mild makeover recently but the cosmetic update has done little to increase the popularity of the hatchback. The Estilo is basically the Suzuki MRWagon and has pretty much nothing to do with very popular jelly bean Zen that dotted our roads for a lot of years. The Estilo has failed to establish itself properly in our car market and Maruti might axe its production as soon as in March this year.

Putting an end to the production of the Estilo would translate into increased production of other Maruti small cars and this in turn will mean that the waiting period for some of the Maruti cars might go down.


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  • Nalin says:

    This seems to be fig of someone’s imagination.

    Obituaries have been written for the M800 for over 10 years. But even today it continues to be manufactured as it finds over 1500 customers every month. 10 month sales of over 14000 Maruti 800, in this year is more than Spark + Jazz put together and also more than total sales of Fiat (all models combined)

    Maruti has been pumping more and more car models amongst the compacts simply bcos that is where the growth is happening. While these appear to be competing with each other, they are actually preventing competition from getting to the customer. A wide array of cars with the legendary service network helps the customer make the right choice. No competing compnay is any where close to such a “complete package”.

    Eating breakfast besides being healthy, brings in time to flip the newspapers for some more factual information. !!

    The WagoR is doing well for its own merrits.