Maruti Suzuki Swift’s waiting period to go down by 2 months

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One of the biggest things we dislike about the Maruti Suzuki Swift has to be the mile long waiting period. Thanks to everyone wanting to have this B+ segment hatch in his driveway, it is no secret that Maruti has been quite struggling to keep up with the demand for this hot selling hatch. The condition is so bad that stories of people waiting for as long as 8 months to get the delivery of their Swift has been doing rounds since quite some time now.

There have been plenty of cases where potential buyers have been put off by the huge waiting period and have instead bought a rival’s car. Now, in a move that should reduce the waiting period, Maruti has pumped up the production of the car from 12,000 units a month to 20,000 units. Rough estimates are that this move will bring down the waiting period by as much as 2 months.

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