Maruti Suzuki Sales in July 2012

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Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 82,234 units in July 2012. This includes 11,210 units for export. The Company had sold a total of 75,300 units in July 2011.

The sales figures for July 2012 are given below:


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  • Dipanjan Roy says:

    Cool design, though it resembles the micra. The pricing seems to be on the higher part, but I hope that it put up good standards.

  • Aditya Suresh says:

    Renault hasn't read the Indian market at all… Right from the breakup of the JV with Mahindra, they've lost whatever little credibility they had in India… Its time they quit and went back to French shores where they dwell in the spoils of their supremacy…

  • SANDCHO says:


    I am very sorry to see this mockery called Pulse! This clearly shows that Renault is too casual about the indian market and the Indian customers.Or they consider Indian customers as fools. Changing the badge and headlamps are not going to attract people to this Renault- Micra.

    They had already messed up their chances by pricing Koleos too high and we know what happened with the Diesel version of Fluence.

    I hope and pray this pulse will not cause heart attack to Renault in India.

    As already mentioned, a wonderful opportunity lost! PUll your socks now or it will be too late.. We arent fools here to go for a re-badged car!

  • Yatharth Chauhan says:

    Thanks for feedback. Picture coming soon. It is very much like that of Micra though.

  • Premchand says:

    please display the rear end…