Maruti Suzuki Ertiga receives 400 booking in a day in Maharashtra

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It seems like people are fast falling in LUV with the very recently launched Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. In a development that hints at the big change in the market, the new Life Utiility Vehicle has received around 400 bookings in Maharashtra alone. Such is the effect of the new MPV that both fleet operators and families are crowding the Maruti Suzuki showrooms to have a look at the Ritz derived car. A large role here is being played by the very mouth watering price tag. In a country where value for money is decided by the amount of sheet metal you get for the money spent, the Ertiga makes quite a decent case for itself. However, many car market watchers are saying that this excitement is due to the newly emerged hype that surrounds most Maruti vehicle and the Ertiga will manage to sell only around 3500-4000 units per month. Personally speaking, the Ertiga diesel will eat a fair bit into the sales of cars that are being bought by fleet operators.

Maruti Ertiga prices (Ex-showroom, Delhi)

Ertiga Lxi/Ldi Vxi/Vdi Zxi/Zdi
Petrol 5.89 lakh 6.60 lakh 7.30 lakh
Diesel 7.30 lakh 7.90 lakh 8.45lakh

Source: Economic Times

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