Mahindra’s new Fuel Smart system to start featuring on passenger cars

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We reported in detail when Mahindra & Mahindra, the leading UV maker in Indian market, launched its new Maxximo + light commercial vehicle. One of the biggest highlights of the updated Maxximo is that of the introduction of Fuel Smart technology.

It is now being said that this fuel saving technology might soon start featuring on passenger cars from Mahindra. The new Fuel Smart technology consists of a dashboard-mounted switch that allows the driver to choose between ECO and PRO driving modes. In the PRO mode, the engine delivers full power output. This mode is useful when the vehicle is fully loaded. The other mode, the ECO, changes the engine mapping and reduces the engine’s power output to enhance the fuel efficiency.

If Mahindra is to be believed, the new Fuel Smart Mahindra increases the fuel economy by around 10%. On being asked if the new technology will be made available in passenger cars, Mr. Vivek Nayer , chief marketing officer of Mahindra’s automotive sector said, “The technology is with us. So, we can. However, nothing is decided yet. First, let us see the response to this product (Maxximo), then we will decide.”

He further commented that the new technology has been developed for an investment of INR 10 crore and has been made entirely by Mahindra. Mahindra already sells some of its vehicles with the Micro Hybrid Start/Stop system that enhances the fuel economy. Installment of the new Fuel Smart system will only further boost the fuel efficiency.



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