Mahindra Reva e2o launch live streaming video

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Mahindra Reva e2o India launch (1)

Mahindra Reva is launching its E20 electric car today. The li-ion battery powered car will look at changing the passenger EV landscape in the Indian market. We have provided you enough details about the car earlier, including some exclusive spy pictures, specs and other details.

The 2013 Mahindra Reva E2O, which is essentially a two door car, comes with four seats and is more spacious than the Reva EV that is currently on sale. Other than having more space, the new E2O would also have better performance figures when compared to its predecessor. The E2O has a range of 160km and is capable of reaching a top speed of 105kmph.

A new feature on the Mahindra Reva E2O would be a self-texting feature of the car to inform that will inform the driver about the Time-to-full-charge, pre-heat or pre-cool the car, mail you a report on your driving habits or even unlocking the door as you approach.

The Reva E2O will sport the REVive technology, which holds a certain amount of electric charge for emergencies and can be activated remotely if the primary charge has been completely exhausted.

The 2013 Mahindra Reva E2O won’t come cheap and it is expected that the car will be launched with a sticker price of around INR 6 lakh rupees.

Mahindra Reva have organized the live streaming of the event for the internet users. Here we have the event unfolding live for you. Enjoy!

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