Mahindra releases new (and amusing) Scorpio animation and XUV500 ad

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Mahindra has released two video films for its Scorpio and XUV500 SUVs. And we’re not very impressed, here’s why.

The Scorpio animation pictures the popular SUV roaming around in a Nevada desert, and accomplishing the heroic act of saving a pretty looking car from what seems to be like a bunch of rogue drag racer sedans. The quality of animation is average at best, and so is the storyline. As true car and animation movie enthusiasts, we have certain questions, which we think the marketing team at Mahindra should pop at their advertising agency. Here’s our list of issues with the film.

  • What’s the Scorpio doing in a remote desert in what seems to be the like the Nevada state of the US of A? Is this animation movie a way to envisage a world where Mahindra’s fallen deal with Global Vehicles actually worked out, and the company actually sold some vehicles in the country? A more familiar setting would have been better we guess.
  • Why’s the Scorpio competing with sedans? And even if it does, why do the sedans choose to race it off the road, a terrain which they are not built to tread when there are miles of straight freeways where they could have beaten the SUV hollow! It would have been more apt if the Indian SUV was shown sparring with vehicles from its own category.
  • Taking to air doesn’t increase your ground speed. So then how in the heaven’s name did the SUV manage to get past the final surviving sedan?

All in all, it may be a novel effort, but we don’t think it’s been executed well at all. We just hope that the blokes back there in Mahindra & Mahindra’s corporate office take this feedback positively, and give us a more enjoyable animation next time, rather than a piece which is more of a joke to a true auto aficionado.

The second film, about the new XUV500, though shot dramatically, doesn’t quite impress either. Mahindra insists that the idea behind the film is let the people know how the XUV500 with its on and off-roading capabilities can help them get off to another adventure and have new stories to tell. We would however have liked to see some more credibility in the story the lead guy tells us. The whole episode sounds more like boastful account by the protagonist, of an incident which appears to never have happened. And then, just as we nod our heads in disbelief, the ad tries to convince us that a cannibal female from a godforsaken jungle knew how to drive a vehicle to perfection, and now speaks English with finesse which would put a world beauty pageant winner from the UK to shame. If you told such stories to your friends in a party, you’d soon be running out of invitations.

Have a look at the two videos, and do let us your objective reviews. We’d appreciate if you guys be rational in your comments and be a bit descriptive about what you liked and what you disliked about the films. Get commenting, people.

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