Mahindra Quanto TV Commercial – Live the weekend life

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Mahindra Quanto ad

Mahindra & Mahindra have released the first TV commercial for the Quanto. The Indian carmaker, in a bid to promote the new compact SUV as a lifestyle vehicle, has labeled the ad campaign ‘Live the Weekend Life’.

The new ad depicts the mid-week getaway of a young executive who uses various excuses to fend off the intrusive calls from a baffled boss. Needless to say, the machine of choice for the adventure loving exec is the Quanto. He successfully  manages to thwart the boss’s attempts at getting him back to work, before he gets a taste of his own medicine.

The ad is nicely executed, and does succeed somewhat in projecting the image of the vehicle as a go-anywhere companion for young, aspiring males with a liking for driving. Infinitely better than the insipid ‘Carrots’ ad for the XUV500, the Quanto – Live the Weekend Life ad gets a 3/5 rating from us.

Good, bad or ugly? Do let us know your views too.

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