Mahindra Highest Bidder for Aston Martin

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As is well known by now, popular British supercar maker Aston Martin is up for grabs and Indian UV giant Mahindra is among those wishing to have a stake in the luxury car marquee. It is being said that the current owners of the British car maker have received bids and the deal is now in final stages of zeroing on the buyer.  Investment Dar, the current owner, has received bids from Investindustrial and Mahindra for 40% stake in Aston Martin.

Of the two bidders, Mahindra has offered a much bigger amount and hence, has become the top bidder. While this is certainly a pleasant development for Indians, it is also being said that the sellers aren’t too keen on sealing the deal with Mahindra. This is due to the Indian car maker lacking experience in selling luxurious performance cars. Also, Mahindra doesn’t have any exposure to technologies employed in development of high performance cars.

Investindustrial on the other hand, is being preferred over Mahindra as it can bring in technological assistance from Mercedes AMG to Aston Martin. Investindustrial have also owned Ducati previously.

Source – Bloomberg

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