Mahindra Aerospace partners with Hawker Pacific as its authorised dealer for the ASEAN region.

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GippsAERO, the Australian manufacturing arm of Mahindra Aerospace and manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan utility aircraft, today announced the appointment of Hawker Pacific as its authorised dealer for the ASEAN region.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hawker Pacific will represent GippsAERO products exclusively across ten countries of the ASEAN region, with a focus on GA8 Airvan and GA10 sales. Hawker Pacific will also provide maintenance services to the growing fleet of GippsAERO aircraft in the region.

Mr. Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and CEO, Mahindra Aerospace said, “Today’s agreement represents a significant milestone for GippsAero and Mahindra Aerospace, as we build upon our growing network in Asia Pacific. We are delighted to partner with Hawker Pacific which will help us grow market awareness in ASEAN for our current GA8 and future products like the GA10. This also gives Mahindra Aerospace and Hawker Pacific an opportunity to evaluate a much larger relationship in future.”

Dr. Terry Miles, CEO of GippsAERO, added “Hawker Pacific has a strong reputation for effective solutions and outstanding service to their clients. We are pleased to partner with the company to distribute our aircraft in the ASEAN region and look forward to establishing close relationships with the ASEAN aviation community.”

Tony Jones, Chief Operating Officer – Asia, for Hawker Pacific said “We have watched the development of the GippsAERO Airvan with great interest. The product has evolved into an extremely effective utility aircraft suitable for a range of missions including tourism, utility and passenger transport. Its robust construction, impressive payload and outstanding short field performance makes it perfectly suited to operations throughout the ASEAN region.”

Alan Smith, CEO of Hawker Pacific said “We are delighted with the opportunity to represent GippsAERO products in the ASEAN region. The GA8 is an established aircraft with remarkable operational and productivity characteristics that are well suited to operators in the region. The GA10 will provide the same characteristics with turbine performance. We also value the broader relationship with Mahindra Aerospace and welcome the potential for co-operation with this highly regarded Group.”

Established in Australia in 1978, Hawker Pacific is a leader in aviation sales and product support, both civil and military. With 15 locations across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, the company has a long history of successful general aviation and defence sales and customer support in this geography.

GippsAERO’s leading product, the GA8 Airvan, is a single-engine, piston powered aircraft, available in a normally-aspirated or turbocharged version, ideally suited to the ASEAN region. With outstanding performance and a spacious cabin, the aircraft is in operation across a broad range of demanding missions including passenger transport, freight transportation, special missions/law enforcement, humanitarian aid, search & rescue, ambulance/medivac. Certified to U.S. FAR23 Amendment 54/55, the Airvan is designed and built to the highest standard of structural integrity and flight handling characteristics.  The Airvan boasts of a low noise footprint and low carbon emissions while being versatile, rugged, safe and economical.

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