LPU students invent the driver-less car!

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Lovely Professional University has been in news ever since its existence. The fast rising university, situated in Punjab, has been giving some talented folks to various industries. Now, the students of LPU have came up with a car that does not needs a driver! Yes, this car can be run using your cellphone from anywhere around the world. Just in case you fail to control your urge to drive, you can shift to the manual model and drive the car just like you drive any other car on the road. To lay your doubts to rest, let me tell you that the car has been tested for more than a thousand kilometres. The car is the result of hard work by Bikas (M. Tech, ECE), Lokesh Ramina (B. Tech, ECE), Rahul Jain (Mech. Engg.) and Suvendu (Mech. Engg).

The geniuses here say: “We are very happy on the success of our future car. Imagining from our childhood- Robotics toys, remote sensing cars; we four collaboratively devised the present car utilizing Internet, Mobile Phone, Laptop, C+ language Programming, Micro-Controller Board with ATMEGA 128 IC, under electrical control circuit”. And to talk about their effort they said: “We could not sleep for many nights in devising out this project of ours and many a time got firm boosting from our mentors, when we faced hurdles in the project”.

LPU Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal says: “It is indeed a different kind of automotive experience. This project is pioneer in the automobile industry and probably can give new dimensions to how people can commute”.



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