Limited Edition Mercedes M Class AMG sold out within 10 days of launch

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Mercedes India had introduced the AMG package for the M class when it had launched the new ML350CDI on 15th this month and only 100 of AMG badged cars were on offer. The car came with a price tag of INR 66 lakhs. The development that has shocked Merc and rocked India is that all 100 of these cars found a new garage for themselves with 10 days of their launch. The Limited Edition, which costed INR 10 lakhs more than the normal ML. sported a styling package from the good folks at AMG. The AMG M class cars can be differentiated from the ‘lesser’ variant by the chrome garnishing at the bumpers and front grille and of course, the badging. The development shows that the Indian car maket has now reached a stage of maturity where the buyers are willing to pay a lot more for premium features in a car. This happening is surely a little sneak peek into the future of Indian car scene and shows that We Want More. Are you listening Mercedes?


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