Lexus not coming to India in 2013

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Toyota’s luxury car brand, Lexus is not coming to India in 2013. Earlier, Toyota had shown willingness to bring the premium brand to India and one of the officials had made an announcement about the same at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show as well. Its not that the company has shelved the idea of starting its operations in India altogether though. The current market scenario in India doesn’t look too bright for luxury car makers according to the top management at Toyota India. Even the established players like BMW, Mercedes and Audi have been feeling the heat and have been finding it very difficult to achieve their sales targets. Lexus will eventuly be introduced to the Indian market, but when the conditions are more favourable. It wont happen in 2013 for sure. High import duties on CBUs, which were further raised in 2012, along with a fall in rupee’s value and a slowdown in the Indian economy are the key reasons behind the decision.

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