Lewis Hamilton coming to Bangalore!

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When it comes to motorsports in India, F1 is the current flavor spread across the nation. The country is counting days to the historic event scheduled to take place at the Buddh International Circuit in October. But before the main course, there are starters in various forms. Earlier, we reported of a Vintage Car rally that will take place in Mumbai and a Grand Celebration following it. Now we bring to you Lewis Hamilton who will be visiting Bangalore on the 27th of September.


However, the opportunity to see him which is brought to us by Vodafone, will be given to only 300 hand picked die hard F1 fans. Hamilton will be present at the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) for hardly 20 minutes performing stunts in the form of incredibly fast burnouts. After this brief stunt show, the racer will head back home to prepare for his next GP. For the other unfortunate people who are Hamilton and F1 fans who miss him in action, a replica of the F1 car which Hamilton uses will be displayed at Mantri Mall which is at Malleswaram in Bangalore.

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