Lamborghini Urus not coming before 2017

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The entire automotive industry was buzzing with excitement when Lamborghini unveiled its Urus SUV concept at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The Urus, when put into production, would become the second SUV to have come from the Italian exotic car maker which has many successful supercars to its credits.

Now, it has emerged that the production variant of the Lamborghini Urus might not become a reality anytime before 2017. There also are chances that the car would never make it to production stage.

Speaking Auto Express, CEO Stephan Winkelmann said “the Urus isn’t an immediate priority and won’t happen until 2017 at the earliest, if the board decides to sign it off.To be honest, we don’t need it right now, as we have plenty of new cars available that are selling well and will continue to sell well.”

The Urus, if headed to production, would use Audi engines and will be underpinned by the VW MLB platform.


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