Lamborghini Urus gets Audi Twin Turbo V8

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We finally have the engine details of the new Lambo SUV that was unveiled some days ago.

The technical specs of the new bull have been revealed and the new SUV is destined to be powered by an Audi Twin Turbo V8 motor. The car is being said to become the fastest 4×4 ever and the 600 bhp motor sure makes sense. What we wonder is why the Gallardo’s V10 could not make it to this SUV?

Going by the pics, this Lambo doesn’t looks unlike the BMW X6 and it won’t be too wrong to say that the car looks like a Lambo supercar on steroids and that can’t be a bad thing. Can it be? As expected, the car comes with LED lamps and ORVMs with a video camera integrated in them. The highlight at the rear has to be four trapezoidal exhaust tips neatly integrated in the bumper diffuser. The SUV rides on very tasty looking 24-inch rims that quite mimic those seen on the almighty Aventador. On the inside, the seats have a familiar look and seem to be inspired by those in the Sesto Elemento (does not Italian names sound so sensuous?).The centre console runs all the way back to the rear passenger seats and one should find a liberal dosage of exotic CF inside.

It may be noted that this is the second SUV from the famous car maker, the earlier being the very macho LM002 seen in 80s.


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