Lamborghini to organize annual track days at BIC

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We have always maintained that Ferrari cars are more potent than Lamborghinis on a race track. However, just in case you got us wrong, let us clarify that we in no way meant that the bulls are a complete no-no for tracks. Potential of supercars like these can be best exploited in a controlled environment, like that of a racing track. Now, in a recent development, popular supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has announced that it is all set to start coming up with annual track days at the Buddh International F1 Circuit.

The event is actually Lambo’s way of allowing some of the prospective Lamborghini owners to have a look at the capabilities of the raging bull. The event should take place between October and November this year.

We have already seen the prancing horse (Ferrari) and AMG cars performing at the track and observing these beauties in all their glory at the circuit is nothing short of spectacular. Driving these must be something altogether notches above watching them and am sure that those piloting these must be experiencing multiple orgasms.

We highly applaud this move from Lambo and we feel that allowing the drivers to use these machines on tracks can cure their itch to speed and the latest mishap at Delhi that involved a Gallardo Bulboni edition clearly shows that most of the users of such cars surely need to polish their driving skills. And what better way than to have a track day?

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