Lamborghini LP550-2 Spyder unveiled

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Lamborghini has added yet another model to its already huge drop-top range of Gallarado sportscar. The latest addition is the two-wheel-drive variant christened the LP550-2 Spyder. “This is a purists model that adds another dimension of driving fun,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s president, “this will appeal in particular to a very special group of customers that enjoy a spirited driving style and also like to experience the sheer pleasure of open-air driving.” Well, we do not disagree to agree with him.

In typical Lamborghini fashion, the LP refers to the ‘Longitudinale Posteriore’ or the Longitudinal Positioning of the motor in the engine bay, 550 speaks of nearly 550 horses and 2 means this ‘bull’ here is a 2 wheel drive.

The LP550-2 Spyder is powered by the mad 542bhp V10 engine driving the rear-wheels through either a conventional manual gearbox or a robotised manual version or the e-gear as the manufacturer calls it.

As per the details from Lamborghini, the LP550-2 Spyder will accelerate from 0-100kph is 4.9secs and the top speed is 320kph. Now, we eagerly await the Indian launch of this machine and hope to see a few lucky (&rich) folks taking this mean machine to their home.




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