Lamborghini Aventador 2+2 is a ‘Flight of Fantasy’

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Recently, the web world got flooded with rumours of Lamborghini considering a 2+2 version of the Aventador hypercar. It may be noted that Lotus is currently working on a 2+2 Evora and Ferrari has done a similar job in the past with the 308 GT4.

However, Lamborgini  CEO Stephan Winkelmann has played down the chances of the Italian exotic car maker coming up with a 2+2 variant of the hypercar. During the Sao Paulo motor show, Winkelmann said that a lot is in store for the Aventador range but there are currently no plans to include two extra seats in the much publicized hypercar.

He further said that the idea of a 2+2 seater Aventador can be best termed as a flight of fantasy.

Next in line in the Aventador range is an open-top roadster which is likely to be powered by a more powerful version of the mighty V12.


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