KTM Duke 390 vs Honda CBR400R: Spec to spec comparison

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KTM Duke 390 vs Honda CBR400R

Honda cbr400r vs ktm duke 390

With the KTM Duke 390 already confirmed for launch and the Honda CBR400R slated to hit our shores this year alongwith the other two 400s, we decided to stack the KTM Duke 390 against the Honda CBR400R on the specifications chart.

KTM Duke 390 Honda CBR400R
Engine model type Single Cylinder 4 stroke
DOHC 4 valve water-cooled
Parallel Twin 4 stroke
DOHC 4 valve water-cooled
Total displacement 373.2cc 399cc
Bore × stroke (mm) 89.0 x 60.0 67.0 × 56.6
Compression ratio 12.9: 1 11.0: 1
Maximum power 44ps @ 9500 rpm 46ps @ 9500 rpm
Maximum torque 35nm @ 7250 rpm 37nm @ 7500 rpm
Power to weight ratio 316.5 ps/ tonne 252.74 ps/ tonne
Fuel supply Bosch EFI Honda PGM-FI
Ignition Self-start, Bosch EMS83 Self-start, Full transistor battery ignition
with Honda Ignition Security System
(H.I.S.S.) chip encoded keys
Cockpit Fully Digital Fully Digital
Clutch type Wet multi-plate with coil springs Wet multi-plate with coil springs
Gearbox 6 Speed 6 Speed
Final drive X-Ring sealed chain O-Ring sealed chain
Suspension front 43mm WP spec’d Inverted 41mm Conventional telescopic
Suspension rear Direct linked monoshock with
ten position spring preload
Pro-Link monoshock with
nine-position spring preload adjustability
Swingarm Pin-jointed die-cast aluminium Steel square pipe
Frame type Trellis Diamond
Ground Clearance (mm) 170 140
Wheelbase (mm) 1367 1410
Seat height (mm) 800 785
Tyres front 110/70 ZR 17M/C 120/70 ZR 17M/C
Tyres Rear 150/60 ZR 17M/C 160/60 ZR 17M/C
Brakes Front Single 300mm Single Disc
with four piston caliper
Single 320mm Single Petal Disc
with twin piston caliper
Brakes Rear Single 230mm Single Disc
with single piston caliper
Single 240mm Single Petal Disc
with single piston caliper
ABS Yes Yes, Combined ABS
Fuel tank capacity 11 litres 15 litres
Fuel consumption Not specified 39.7 kpl (under standard test conditions with speed constant at 60 kph)
Minimum turning radius Not specified 2.7 metres
Dry Weight (kgs) 139 (dry weight) 182 (dry weight)- 194 (curb weight)
Top speed 160 kph estimated Not specified

Let us draw a rough estimate on the performance front of the two motorcycles.

The 0-100 acceleration figures of the KTM Duke 390 have been estimated at close to the 6 seconds mark- thanks to the following video posted by Austrian Online Motorcycle Magazine 1000 ps. Top speed has already been estimated in the region of 160 kph by journalists.

Though the acceleration and top figures of the Honda CBR400R aren’t out yet, one could roughly estimate by taking the CBR500R as a reference which cranks out 46.9 bhp (47.6 ps) vis-a-vis the CBR400R which pumps 46ps (45.4 bhp). Surprisingly the difference in cubic capacity hasn’t spelt any difference in weight. A closer comparison between the two indicate differences in stroke i.e. 66.8mm (CBR500R) and 56.6mm (CBR400R) and compression ratio at 10.7:1 and 11.0:1 respectively. And though the gear ratios of the CBR400R have been revealed by Honda, the figures of the CBR500R are nowhere to be seen. But still going ahead for the sake of estimation of the performance the CBR400R would pack in, here are a couple of video that indicate the 0-100 kph and top speeds of the Honda CBR500R.

0-100 kph

Dyno tested top speed

In case it hasn’t been easy for you to calculate, here are the snapshots and you may draw your performance calculations:

0-100 kph (5 seconds approx)

Honda CBR400R top 0-100 kph estimation

Dyno tested top-speed (191 kph)

Honda CBR400R top speed estimation

Won’t be out of place to state that numbers ticking on the dyno change dramatically in real world conditions- the bike isn’t facing any wind drag in the video 😉

In conclusion, the performance graph of the CBR400R is still a secret and though many would put the Honda down, more particularly on the power-to-weight ratio- but looking at the CBR500R references, the Honda with its quick spinning parallel twin might manage to put up a good fight against the Orange Mantis.

Pricing is going to play an extremely crucial role. Assuming that if  the performances of both the motorcycles are on par with each other, what premium would you pay for the CBR over the Duke if you’d wish to go for the Honda? Or it’s just the Duke for you, and the CBR400R just doesn’t matter?

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  • Ayan says:

    you didn't happen to check the number of teeth in the front and rear sprockets in both the bikes mentioned above. duke 200 is extremely short-geared and that limits its top speed and also necessitates an extra gear shift,hence the difference in 0-100 time. just plonk in a 40-tooth rear sprocket on the duke and drag again, you'll know what duke is made of:)

  • Anonymous says:

    This looks more like a touring bike and by just putting a “cbr” prefix or “r” suffix on touring bike will not make it a “sports” bike.

  • Dibyendu Mazumder says:

    KTM doesn’t have any Service Station, though Bajaj is still doing the Servicing of those Bikes.

    Its all about what you want. If you want to do long trips, Honda 400 will be the best option among the two because you never feel any wind blast. The super comfort handling and sitting portion will give you ultimate pleasure.

    If its locally with high crowded areas, then DUKE will be the best. Due to the Naked version it will be easy to do Cornering and the short pickup will help you to go ahead of HONDA.

  • Praveen says:

    CBR250R is faster than the Duke 200 because of the better torque numbers.. CBR – 23Nm Duke – 19Nm The 50cc advantage does make a difference.

    However, Duke 200 ( 3.3s ) is faster than the CBR250R ( 3.6s) from 0-60

    Maybe the same will repeat in the case of Duke 390 and CBR400 too.. Im guessing the Duke 390 will be quicker to 100 but after that the CBR will have the better top speed. As the speeds cross 150, Aerodynamics play their part.

  • karikor says:

    I would rather wait for the KTM RC390. I’m sure it will be launched around the same time as the Honda CBR400R. Both will be faired offerings and will most likely be priced closer to each other, so let us compare both when the time comes.