KTM India Website: KTM 390 Duke ABS Coming Soon to India

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It is well known that the recently unveiled KTM 390 Duke is headed to India. KTM India has already updated its website which reads that the above bike will be launched soon. It may be noted that thanks to the new norms at European countries, the KTM 390 Duke comes kitted with ABS. The latest pic from KTM shows that there are very high chances of the KTM 390 Duke getting the ABS option for Indian market too. If that happens, the 390 would become the second 250-500cc Indian performance bike to get the ABS option (the first is the baby CBR). The ABS on the KTM 390 is courtesy German biggie Bosch and can be turned ON/OFF as per the rider’s preference.


The KTM 390 Duke should be here by March 2013 and will play a perfect elder sibling to the highly popular KTM 200 Duke. The KTM 390 Duke will be produced at Bajaj manufacturing facility and Bajaj-KTM would make use of heavy localisation to keep the price under check.


The power starved auto enthusiasts of our country are in for a bounty in the coming days, what with the Honda also readying its CB500 series of machines for India. But for now, lets focus on the 390 Duke.

The liquid Cooled 373.2 cc DOHCc engine on the 390 Duke weighs at a low 36 kg. Just like the R15, the Duke 390 also boasts of a forged piston and NikaSil coated cylinder. Lubrication is force fed, with crank case evacuation feature.


What we have here are the official pictures and specifications of the of the upcoming 2013 KTM 390 Duke. As we have been expecting, powering the 390 Duke is a 373.2cc water-cooled single cylinder motor that pumps out a good 44HP and churns out a respectable torque figure of 35Nm. The motor is mated to a six speed gearbox.


Thanks to all those weight saving technologies on the engine and rest of the bike, the KTM 390 Duke has a dry weight of merely 139 kgs. With peak power output of 44 PS, the bike boasts of an impressive power to weight ratios of 316.5PS/tone. New paint scheme and the 390 marking on tank scoops distinguishes this bigger Duke from its smaller 200 brethren. Internationally, the bike will be launched with ABS, the feature has recently been introduced on the 200 and 125 Duke as well. While we are hopeful, we cannot be sure whether the safety tech will make it to India when the bike arrives here in the first quarter of 2013

Check out this cool video clip of the new KTM 390 Duke


Technical Specifications:

Engine: 4 stroke water-cooled single cylinder

Engine capacity: 373.2cc

Torque: 35Nm at 7,250rpm

Power: 44HP at 9,500rpm

Transmission: 6-speed

Weight: 139Kg

Power-to-weight ratio: 316.5PS/Tonne

Clutch: Hydraulic operated

Fuel system: Bosch EFI

Ignition system: Bosch EMS83

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