KTM 200 Duke to get power accessories: Site goes live

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Here’s a bit of good news for all you KTM 200 aficionados. KTM’s international website now has a dedicated page for the 200 Duke which shouts from the roof that the bike will be launched first in India. Isn’t that great – to finally a bikemaker of an international repute to develop and launch a bike of international significance first in India! The product page shows equipment, smooth engine, cornering, easy handling and low fuel consumption as the main highlights of the bike.

Apart from the product itself, the page also seems to have two sections for visual and performance accessories. This means that all those of you who are not satisfied with the power and performance of the 200 Duke may opt for performance upgrades to get that extra bit of juice out.  Although the power and visual upgrade pages named ‘Power Parts’ and ‘Power Wear’ respectively don’t have any products to show, they’ll sure as hell soon showcase some tasty KTM branded accessories.

The page currently shows Bajaj’s Akurdi plant as its sole dealership in India, but expect more of those orange flags to be raised once the bike is officially launched in India. Check out the page at https://www.ktm.com/in/naked-bike/200-duke-eu/highlights.html

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