Key facts about the Mahindra Quanto as spelled out by the top management

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Mahindra Quanto

During the launch ceremony of the Quanto, the M&M management brought to light many less known facts about the new compact SUV. Let’s take a quick look at the answers of some interesting questions and some tasty facts about the machine

Expected monthly sales of the Quanto?
No projected numbers. But the Quanto / Xylo assembly line is flexible and can produce a mix of the two models according to demand. Combined production capacity for the two is 7000 units per month. The company doesn’t see a long waiting period for the customers, they don’t mind it if the situation arises though.
Is this a regional launch or a Pan India launch?

It’s a pan-India launch across all the 200 dealerships of M&M
How much investment has gone into the development of the Quanto?
Since a lot of investment was made on the Ingenio platform, developing the Quanto didn’t cost Mahindra as much as it may have. The Ingenio platform which gave birth to the Xylo cost M&M Rs 550 crore. The Quanto took another 100 crore.

Will the Quanto cannibalize into the sales of the bigger SUVs and MUVs from Mahindra. Can it eat into the sales of the Verito?

There is a marginal possibility of some overlap happening, but the company is expecting conversions from sedan and hatchback buyers. Overall the company thinks the market will grow.

Would there be a 4×4 variant of the Quanto?

There is a 2.2 liter mHawk engine variant of the Quanto in the pipeline for export market. It may feature 4×4 tech

Would the low price of Quanto effect margins? Is it a compromised product with such low price?

Mahindra managed to save money on Quanto’s development, since most of the development expense was already done on the Xylo. The vehicle also shares the parts bin, and thus the component suppliers and processes with the Xylo, which helps Mahindra save some more. They have just passed on the benefit to the customer, staying true to Mahindra brand ethos of delivering value.

Is the price of the Quanto just an introductory price?

It’s a proper price and meant to stay. However, if the market scenario changes, the company make make changes to cope with it.

Would the Quanto be exported?

The Quanto will be exported to some countries including some nations in Europe, South Africa and Chile

Some more interesting facts

  • The Quanto was conceived to cover all bases and straddle the hatchback and sedan segment with a more rounded product
  • Advantages against hatchbacks according to M&M: Better road presence, long distance highway driving capability, go anywhere capability and more space
  • Advantages against sedan according to M&M: More seats, go anywhere capability and macho looks.
  •  Quanto is Mahindra’s first ever shot at the compact SUV segment.
  • With the tagline – Live the Weekend Life – Quanto’s marketing campaign revolves around the young, aspiring, adventure loving males who want go anywhere capability without compromising on value and comfort.
  • The name Quanto is derived from Quantum, meaning more (not according to us). And its represents More for the customer – more value, more space, more fun etc.
  • Quanto is based on the Ingenio Platform which also powers the Xylo
  • Body on frame chassis
  • Features a two-stage turbo, which is the smallest of its kind in the world.
  • First stage turbo helps tractability and initial pick-up for city driving. Second stage turbo for more thrust
  • mCR100 engine is a three-cylinder derivative of the mHawk 2.2 liter engine
  • The 5-speed manual transmission system for the new engine is all new.
  • 17.2 kmpl fuel efficiency with the Micro Hybrid tech
  • Reverse gear lockout to prevent inadvertent reverse gear engagement


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