EXCLUSIVE: Kawasaki Ninja 300R Unofficial Bookings Open in India

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Kawasaki Ninja 300R

Subsequent to all the news we have been bringing about the Ninja 300R right from its unveiling to testing to the prospective launch, we have another good news for the Green Goblin followers in India. Bookings for the Ninja 300R have unofficially commenced and it can be booked against a token amount of Rs.40,000/- at a Probiking dealer with Kawasaki Ninja 300R India release date being in March 2013 onwards. As was the case initially with the Honda CBR250R booking, the on-road price of the Ninja 300R hasn’t been officially declared yet.

The news comes through our friend in Kerala who had booked his Ninja 250R (previous generation) at a pro-biking dealer in Trivandrum and 600 kms from his hometown. Though he happened to cancel the booking against his revised interest for the Special Edition Ninja 250R that was sold in Thailand and never made it to Indian shores. Regular follow-ups with the dealer turned futile as the bike wasn’t slated for an Indian release. But to his delight, the dealer has reverted with the good news that the bookings have started and as mentioned above a token of Rs.40,000/- would make him the owner of the first ever Ninja 300R in India.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Special Edition

We happened to speak to a Bajaj Probiking Showroom in Mumbai, unfortunately they do not have any updates on the bike yet, but we’re hoping the booking process should regularize very soon.

On the other hand talking of competition, the Ninja 300R already has a fierce and a more powerful rival under the same roof in form of the Duke 390; And the new Honda 500s assumed to hit the Indian markets would only make the situation difficult for the new Kawasaki on the VFM factor. But on a cumulative note and on behalf of the biking aficionados in India, we’ll surely be screaming our lungs out “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL”.

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  • nitin singh says:

    i want to buy yamaha r125 can u tell me the price and how can i get it…..

  • Santhosh says:

    Trivandrum Probike dealer started accepting the booking for Duke 390 as well. He is not very sure of the date of launch though. All they said is that, it it will be launched in the last week of March 13.

  • Deepak says:

    The above news is not a rumour- though its not an official booking procedure. Just to cite an example, one of our friend in Delhi made a token payment for the TB500, even when there was no information about the launch dates. He was on the receiving end of all the jokes saying that the dealer had fooled him. Few days later came the TB500 launch, and we're sure he would have already received his bike. Some dealers do have some kind of inside information on the bikes from the mfr. And the above case seems to be a similar one and we're sure the official would start very soon.

    Best would be to just make a casual call to your nearby Probiking dealer.

  • Vishal Varuka says:

    enough about rumours and speculations. I would like to know the official release date for Ninja 2013 or is it true the dealers are accepting bookings for Ninja 2013.