Jay Leno reviews his Tata Nano.

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Regulars here will remember that we reported in detail when popular TV star and a renowned auto enthusiast Jay Leno got himself the much talked about Tata Nano. This wasn’t all as Jay Leno had decided to bring this car to his garage in a very Bollywood style and brought some bollywood dancers to welcome the car. He himself was seen dressed in a Sherwani. Now, Jay Leno’s garage includes about 200 cars and 90 motorcycles with this ‘tri-color’ edition of the Tata Nano to be the latest to find a home in his garage. We have been eagerly waiting for Jay Leno’s review of the new car and we finally have some of it here.

Jay Leno rates his Nano higher than his McLaren F1 in one of the areas. Check out the video to see what he exactly has to say.



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