Jaguar hints at future Crossover with ‘XQ’ trademark filing

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Jaguar’s filing of a trademark application under the tag “XQ” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in January this year has sparked off fresh speculations. It is being rumoured that the Tata owned British car manufacturer is planning a luxury crossover to be built on Range Rover’s all aluminium D7U platform which also includes the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Though company officials have refuted claims of any plans of building a Crossover, but have stated that they are exploring avenues for new and higher volume segments to boost over sales for the Jaguar brand.

Jaguar XQ Crossover

Since the SUV business is taken care of by the Land Rover group, the Crossover seems to be the right segment for Jaguar to venture into. It is speculated that the ‘XQ’ could conclude in development out of two possibilities. Where on one hand, the XQ could see development of a bigger variant on a new platform for the 2015 Jaguar XS under development. And secondly, as aforesaid- Range Rover’s light weight D7U aluminium frame could easily form basis of Jaguar’s new crossover.

At the moment either of these speculations is very much a possibility, but the D7U seems a more likely prospect. Where the rear wheel drive configuration frame of the Jaguar XS sedan could house in an all-wheel drive setup, the new D7U platform while serving as an adequate base for the crossover would be a more modern and versatile choice to all future Jaguar Land Rover models.

The Crossover is rumoured to be out in 2016, but not before the Jaguar XS that hits the scene in 2015. What needs to be seen is if the ‘XQ’ turns out to be a crossover or just another luxury variant from the manufacturer’s Whitley plant.

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