India’s only Lamborghini Gallardo 550-2 Balboni hits a cycle in Delhi. Driver dead, cyclist paralyzed

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At the centre of the Capital on 19th this month, a speeding Lamborghini Gallardo in hands of 28 year old Anukool Rishi had hit Krishan Lal, a cyclist. According to Delhi police, Anukool was driving at a very high speed and the crash happened due to him losing control over the car. The supercar had jumped a lane separator and ended up hitting sideways into railings before crashing into Lal near Panchsheel at Krishi Vihar Bus stand. The impact was so severe that Anukool, who was not buckled up was thrown out of the car. Entire of the car’s right was totalled. While the cyclist ended up with injured spine, chest and head,  Anukool, who happens to be the son of P A Rishi, Chairman, MVL Limited reportedly succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival by the hospital. The recent update is that Lal is now partially paralyzed. Lal, father of two, works as a security guard in a local school and was on his way to the school on the day of crash.

Talking about the worsening condition of Lal, Dr Deepak Aggarwal, Neurosurgeon, AIIMS Trauma Center said,  “There is weakness in the limbs and he cannot stand. He is bedridden. An MRI of the spinal cord will be conducted on Tuesday to check whether the immobility is caused due to compression of nerves. If so, Lal would need to undergo a de-compression surgery,” added Dr Deepak Aggarwal. Lal’s family says that no kind of help has been provided to them from the school.

This incident goes on to show that while India is gradually becoming home to more powerful and high end cars, the skills of an average Indian driver leave a lot to be wanting. As they say, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’, similarly, while India is surely fast becoming home to almost every supercar, it is high time that their drivers become more responsible for their life and of poor peasants out there on the road. It is being said that this very car is the only example of Balboni special Gallardo LP-550-2 in India and it surely ended up having a miserable fate.


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