Indian Car Market Unhappy with VW’s Proposal to Reposition Skoda India

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Only yesterday, we reported that German biggie Volkswagen is considering repositioning the Czechoslovakian car brand Skoda in Indian car market. It may be noted that internationally, Skoda has been a budget brand of Volkswagen. In India though, Skoda benefitted from first mover theory and established itself as the makers of upmarket and prestigious cars. Volkswagen, which entered our country quite late, positioned itself a little higher than the Czech brand but the difference in comparable products is not very substantial.

Now it has emerged that this proposal by the VW group has not gone down too well with the Indian car buying lot which is satisfied with the current status that the two brands enjoy. Car buyers are of an opinion that decreasing prices would translate into either rationalizing the equipment list or usage of cheaper materials.

Instead, what the market wishes for is an improved after sales experience at Volkswagen service centres. It may be noted that stories of ill treatment being dished out to owners of VW cars at the car maker’s service stations keep surfacing time and again.

We feel that a better after sales experience can surely go a long way in uplifting the brand image of Volkswagen to a higher level.




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