Independent showrooms for Fiat India to be operated by current Tata-Fiat dealers

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Only some days ago, we reported in detail about the revisions done in the Fiat-Tata Joint Venture. Bitter truth is that the guys at Tata dealerships often used to dish out step motherly treatment to Fiat cars when it came to the sales of these. Also, Fiat is clearly not gaining much from this JV. Now, the latest news is that Fiat India, in all probability, will open up as many as 20 independent dealerships in the country. Further info is that Fiat will not be appointing new dealers for its network and will instead open its shops via current Tata dealers.More on this plan from Fiat should emerge by the end of this month. However, it is quite sure that Fiat will not be coming up with dealers is small towns and will continue to sell cars from current showrooms.

Rajeev Kapoor, Managing Director, Fiat India said, “At present there are two exclusive showrooms, which will be ramped up to 25 in 20 locations by the end of this year. The exclusive showrooms will be opened by only those dealers which are currently operating joint showrooms with Tata Motors. We will announce a detailed network and product strategy by the end of this month. After this year we will ramp the number of exclusive showrooms. The joint outlets with Tata Motors would also remain “as these are the viable options in smaller towns.”

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