Tata Nano CNG Caught Testing. Launch Soon

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Marred by the safety issues, long delivery ques and rising fuel prices, Tata Nano has not been doing as good as the folks at Tata would have had liked it to. It may be noted that the target sales figure for this car is over 250000 annually and the manufacturer has managed to touch only the 150000 figure with this car. It won’t be wrong to say that Tata has failed to capitalize on the hype that Nano had generated. All this looks set to change with the introduction of the diesel variant of the small wonder as it promises nothing short of 40kmpl and a running cost which will be cheaper than that of a 150cc + bike.

However, as we earlier reported, the Nano diesel is not all that is coming our way as the manufacturer also plans to introduce the Nano CNG this year. The CNG variant is expected to command some INR 15-20,000 more than the petrol variant and as with almost every CNG powered car, the car will come with an option of running on both petrol and CNG, with a toggle mechanism for the driver to switch between the two fuels. Thanks to the Sequential injection system, the Nano CNG should not end up being less powerful than the petrol version. The new variant of the car will boast a 35 liter CNG storage tank and a 15 liter petrol tank.

Our friends at ICB caught the Tata Nano CNG being tested on streets of Mumbai. The new variant of the car is expected to be launched during this festive season.

The safety aspect will be taken care by employing a leak detection system. It will be interesting to see how Tata promotes the new variant of the car.

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