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A full image set of the highly publicized Honda CBR500R motorcycle, which has a good probability of making it to India, have finally emerged on the internet. The CBR500R will be a mini-me version of the CBR1000RR. Designed to be affordable and fun to ride, this bike may well be dished out initially from Honda’s Thailand factory, with a good probability of later being manufactured here in India itself.


The new bike will be unveiled tomorrow but we have already stumbled upon the official pics. The CBR500R has a sporty styling. The handlebars, however, seem to be a little too upright for a proper sports bike. We aren’t too fond of that big exhaust either, but the machine looks nice overall.


As we have been saying, the Honda CBR500R will provide a bridge between the 250s and the 600s and we have finally stumbled up on some leaked specs of the new CBR. While Honda CBR500R does looks a lot like the bigger and meaner Honda CBR1000RR, the upcoming bike won’t be an impractical replica. Instead, it will have enough space for two and will provide large grab rails for the pillion. The seat does looks very similar to that on the CBR250 and in all probability, the 500R will play an elder sibling to the baby CBR.

Here are the Technical Specifications of Honda CBR500R:

– 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

– Six-speed manual

– 46.9bhp

– 30lb/ft of torque

– 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)

– 105mph top speed

– 31-inch seat height

– 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

At this power rating, the CBR500R is almost twice as powerful as the CBR 250. The new CBR makes 30lb/ft of torque and has 50% more torque than the Ninja 300. The bike will be manufactured in Thailand and will borrow a lot of parts from the CBR250. The 500 will be almost 85% as fuel efficient as the Honda CBR250 and the new Honda CBR500R definitely offers a good blend of performance and affordability.

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