Hyundai to Set Up Testing Facility at the ‘ring

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We have been regularly saying that Hyundai, the Korean auto giant, is fast coming of age. Gone are the days when Hyundai used to be at the butt end of every car joke and we absolutely love the way Hyundai design language has evolved.

While Hyundai cars have surely started looking as appealing as their Japanese and German rivals, the handling capabilities of the Korean cars leave a lot to be desired.

Now, it has emerged that Hyundai is planning to set up a $7 million testing facility at the holy Nürburgring. The renowned race track on the hills of Nordschleife is the test bed for several automaker biggies and is a hot spot for fine tuning the suspension and steering system.

Hyundai’s test facility at the ring will be built on an area of 3,050 sq m and all the date collected on the track will be used for making future Hyundai cars better handlers than their current day counterparts.


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