Hyundai Sonata Lite Caught Testing

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The good folks at Hyundai are working overtime it seems. Soon after giving Japanese manufacturers a lot of reasons to worry about, it has emerged that Hyundai will soon start the development process of an all new sedan.

The new car will be basically targeted at Chinese car market and the luxury sedan will be slotted between the Elantra and the Sonata. Being called as Sonata-Lite, the new car will be almost as big on the inside as the Sonata is but will be lower on equipment and performance. Looking at the spy pics, it can be said that the car would look a lot like Sonata, albeit, less loud.

Power options for the Sonata Lite are expected to be: – a 2.0 litre petrol, a 1.8 litre petrol and an exciting new 204bhp 1.6 turbo petrol.

Now, the sad news for us is that this car will be sold only in China and in all probability, won’t make it to our market.


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  • Deepak Dongre says:

    It was an awesome track…every now and then I had to say to myself its happening here in India. As said above except the dust thing and plus the bouncy surface off the strips resulting in Massa's broken suspension were the only glitches…as for the rest- it was a superb event. Eagerly looking forward to MotoGP soon.

  • rattle says:

    a successful event i would say. except that too much of dust in the run-off and pitlane. should have used much denser gravel for run-off. it was like wrc with the all the dust kicking up.