Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) Cautions Jobseekers Against Fraudsters

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Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) cautions everyone looking for a job against emailed job offers being made purportedly by the manufacturer. HMIL has clarified that all the recruitments for the manufacturer are done directly and the company need not any sort of deposit from candidates. These emails which are ‘supposedly’ from Hyundai are quite common these times. HMIL requests all the affected candidates to file a complaint with the local police station if any kind of deposit is sought for either an interview or for the final placement.

It is being reported that these fraudsters ask candidates for partially refundable money against eligibility for the first round of selection. Interviews are then conducted by them posing as company officials either telephonically or through a face to face meeting. The selected candidates are then notified through emails from Gmail or Hotmail. 

I remember getting a similar E mail for a respectable position at the Korean automaker. Luckily, I never gave it any importance as I have been expecting a similar letter from some Jap sportscar manufacturer!


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