Hyundai Launches 6th Nationwide ‘Always Around’ campaign

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With the novel idea of ‘Always There, Because We Care’, Hyundai Motor India Ltd is back again with its nationwide service initiative – ‘Always Around’ campaign in a mega avatar for the sixth consecutive year. ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will provide free check-ups for its customers at convenient locations. Last year the camp was organized at around 8,383 locations all over the country. This year, the ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaigns has grown much wider in terms of locations and reach and will continue till December, 2012 covering 8,800 locations all over the country on Saturdays and Sundays wherein Hyundai will be reaching out to around 110,000 customers in an effort to make them smile by ensuring that their car is in top condition. Over 7,500 vehicles across 511 locations nationwide are expected to register at the camps on the launch day. The mega ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will be conducted at various locations which customers in their normal course of life frequent on an everyday basis like Joggers Park, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Select Residential Blocks, etc to enable Hyundai to come closer to the customer and provide best services. What makes the ‘Always Around’ campaign a truly innovative one is that it reaches the customer at a time and a place where it is most convenient for them at no extra cost and helps them save time. For example while the customer is busy shopping in a mall his car is serviced and cleaned, this saves him both time and money as it is a free service, plus there is free advice from trained technicians that is valuable in the future.

Announcing the launch of the campaign, Mr. Arvind Saxena, Director, Sales & Marketing HMIL, said, “At Hyundai we always aim at providing our customer with a trouble-free experience right from the sales process. We invest heavily on research for understanding the needs of our customer and accordingly deliver products and put in our best efforts towards after sales services. The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign is aimed at reinforcing our bond with our valued customers. It has been a great success over the years as we have been witnessing huge response from our large customer base. We are confident that this year as well our customers will benefit from this programme and we will be able to carry forward our relationship to the next level”

The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will offer a comprehensive 17 point check-up with oil top-up and a thorough examination of the vehicle and services such as tyre and vehicle polishing, coolant and oil top-up. The Hyundai team will also collect suggestions and feedback on the performance of the vehicle and after sales service. The customers will also have a chance to see and test-drive the latest Hyundai cars which would be there on display at the venue.

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