Hyundai initiates Petrol Price Lock Assurance to fight petrol hike

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Petrol prices have yet again gone up. Indian automobile owners have to go through one more petrol price hike which was incorporated since 24th May, 2012. This time around the price of petrol soared upto Rs 7.50/litre, which has hit the backbone of every individual who owns a vehicle in India. It has attracted many people who are unhappy due the hike in the petrol price and protests across the nation.

Taking into consideration the nation’s massive outcry resulting from the government’s recent petrol price hike proclamation, Hyundai has now structured a Petrol Price Lock Assurance program to give its customers at least some respite from the steep increase in petrol prices. 

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Arvind Saxena, Director-Marketing and Sales, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “The Petrol Lock Scheme will insulate the customer from the impact of the price hike. The price hike is severe and we need to soften the blow for our customers.”

As per this initiative, Hyundai will offer discounts on all its petrol cars. The scheme offers to compensate the petrol price hike of Rs. 7.50/litre for vehicle usage per month of 1000 (Kms) for next 7 months period. The program covers this fuel hike for the next seven months and is being offered in addition to the 5-star Assurance Scheme announced for the customers this month.

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  • Navendu says:

    A good effort but I'm disappointed by the results. Ok this might still be work in progress, in that case, I'll love to see the result of a fully functional turbo.

    Ever since I drove the first turbo charged petrol car (Linea T-Jet), I have fallen in love with this setup.

    I remember meeting Venu from Bangalore(Amit, if you still remember him), he was working on a supercharger/turbo(don't recall) for Fiero. Any idea, if he finished it?

  • Arun says:

    hats off!!!! Im mechanical… interested in automobs… you made me great…

  • rahul says:

    well if the bike would have been fitted wid a KnN and upjetted, it would have had better results and with proper riding wouldn have even dropped mileage.. but overall decent job..