Hyosung to enter the quarter litre segment with 3 new bikes

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With the Indian bikers getting more and more aware, the two wheeler market is opening up to performance oriented machines. There are lots of new motorcycles in the 200 and above segment and these are turning out to be the hot sellers among both youngsters and motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages and sizes. The quarter-litre class bikes have seen significantly large sales figures in the last six months and with the new KTM 200 coming out, the competition is just going to get more exciting and better. Now we hear that Hyosung is bringing out its 250cc bikes. Going by international public opinion, the other bikes in the 200-250cc domains are relatively underpowered or lack the thrill factor (barring the green devil Ninja 250).Also, Hyosung is providing some bonus features that out match most of the bikes in this segment.


The Korean bike manufacturer is almost ready to launch the new GT 250R. It is said that the GT 250R is the first modern 250 sport bike in twenty years. Hyosung has an innovative dual lateral bar frame for keeping the weight in check and to maintain a low centre of gravity. The 250R shares a majority of styling features with its elder brother – the GT 650R. The bike features a 2 stage projection beam (did I hear someone say Pulsar 220?) for greater visibility and VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display). We have recently mentioned that we will be doing a Hyosung GT 650 R review soon and we hope we get more information on the 250 too.

Hyosung also plans to launch the naked variant as the GT 250 N which will be similar to the GT 650N within two months of the faired version’s launch. The SRT 7 will also have a smaller brother as the third quarter litre bike to come from the manufacturer will be the GV 250 cruiser. Sporting a V-Twin, 8 valve, fuel injected motor, the bike should be an instant hit if the manufacturer prices it right. Safely expect all the attributes of the elder brothers too be present in the respective siblings.


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