Honda to Launch Jazz Based Compact SUV in India

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Thanks to lack of a diesel engine, Honda Motors India Ltd (HMIL) has been fast losing out on market share in India. Another reason is Jazz hatchback failing to impress the car buying lot and thus, letting the sales from a sizeable segment of Indian car market going untapped.

While the iDtec engines look all set to take care of the issue of lack of oilburners, the all new Jazz should give some sleepless nights to the good folks at Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai India.

Honda’s CEO Mr. Takanobu Ito has also confirmed the launch of a compact SUV based on the new Jazz. The new compact SUV will be out in two years. Mr. Takanobu further said that the manufacturer looks forward to expanding its operations in India by adding new products to its portfolio.

The future has suddenly started looking bright for HMIL.



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