Honda teases Brio sedan on its Thai website

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That the Brio hatch is all set to spawn a stubby little boot is no secret. Honda has made it amply clear that it wants to fuel growth in India with small car models. We heard it from the horse’s mouth when the company chief declared the plans to bring a 1.6 liter diesel powered car and a small sedan to the Indian shores. Now Honda has released a teaser pic of the Brio sedan on its Thai website.

The Brio sedan will be powered by the 1.2 liter VTEC petrol motor. However, every man with a head on his shoulders knows by now that petrol offerings don’t quite set the cash counters ringing for car companies in India any more. So the big question is – what Honda is going to do about the diesel offering for the brio sedan.

The problem is that the excise duty relief is offered only to cars which are shorter than 4 meters and have a petrol engine upto 1.2 liters or a diesel engine upto 1.4 liters. The newly announced 1.6 liter engine wouldn’t let Honda avail the duty cut, without which the Brio sedan would be dead as as a Dodo on arrival with VFM products like Maruti Dzire and Mahindra Verito gnarling around. Powering a small sedan with such a big engine would also have its bearings on cost. That hints at the possibility of a 3cylinder variant of the bigger 1.6 liter unit.

It is being said that the sharp minds at Honda are currently perfecting a 3-cylinder 1.2 liter turbo diesel engine with about 80PS of power and 200Nm of torque for the Brio Sedan. If not, we really wonder what they’re upto, for there certainly isn’t anything more important they should be doing.

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